Feed Bistro

Feed Bistro is a South-European kitchen with a Nordic Twist. Located in the heart of Nørrebro not so far from the iconic lakes, the ground floor / basement establishment has a surprisingly bright and upbeat feel, thanks to its large windows and ceiling mirrors.

The cozy husband-and-wife venture will spoil you with choices. Savor all time classics such as Capaccio, Beef Wellington, Pan Seared Cod, as well as the Danish all time favorite, Slow Roasted Pork with Crispy Skin alongside Truffle-Parmesan Fries, Herb Crusted Mozarella Bites and others.

The place also have am ok selection of wine-by-the-glass menu, with 3-4 options of each type of wines (red / white / bubbles) for flexible pairing, as well as an sizable beer selection.

Telephone: +45 32 20 60 36

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