Wok On

Wok On serves budget wok-fried noodles from 45kr only. You can choose your choice of noodle, toppings and sauce.

While the ingredients and styles seem Asian, with the likes of teriyaki, curry, sweet & sour flavours, we would say the concept is more Asian-inspired than authentic. Quite often, your noodles are heavily seasoned with thick sauces, and you would find a piece of lime unmatchingly put on your Japanese udon in coconut curry sauce.

That said, the experience is in fact rather Nordic. Wok On, together with other chains such as Nordic Noodles, collectively create a Danish (re)interpretation of Asia boxes which is in itself an American cultural export. It is still interesting to see how the Danes have appropriated other (Asian/American) culinary ideas. And 45kr wok box is a good alternative to 7-11 hotdogs while you are hungry & on a budget.

Address: Gothersgade 15, 1123 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Generator Hostel

Hotel bars and restaurants have been pretty boring in Denmark in comparison to its American or Asian counterparts. Most of the time, they are hardly occupied apart from breakfast hours. You will see a couple of tired business travelers who are too tired to dine out. In a typical hotel restaurant, the atmosphere is rather dull.

However, it seems the trend for tourist residences to strengthen up their F&B arm has finally kick started in Copenhagen, with Dángleterre’s Marchal gaining a Michelin star, Nimb opening a gourmet vegetarian concept Gemyse and Hotel SP34 partnering with the city’s best burger joint Cock’s & Cows.

The trend is not only limited to 5 star establishments and design hotels. Lately, Generator Hostel has also (literally) beefed up their menu. Their Bar & Restaurant serves some tempting gourmet burgers, slow-cooked meats and a whole lot more delicious gastropub foods at very reasonable prices.

Grab a beer and hang out at the spacious Petanque Terrace. Who would have thought that this traditional French game is (well – probably cheap beer and cozy alfresco space too!) so popular among the Danes that even locals fill the dining hall of this hostel on weekends.

Recently, their icebar, Reflections, has also generated a lot of buzz. Well, if you don’t think the Scandinavian weather is cool enough, cave in the ground floor bar frozen with ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden. Some vodka will Absolut-ely warm yours up.

Address: Adelgade 5, 1304 Copenhagen, Denmark