5 English afternoon teas to try in Copenhagen

Recently, I had to present a topic in my Danish class. Of course, I picked to talk about food. I mentioned that I missed a lot from home. One of them is Afternoon Tea.

As I learnt from my Danish class, many people confuse ‘Afternoon Tea’ with ‘High-Tea’. They are actually very very different. Delectable cakes, scones, savories and sandwiches are the signatures of an afternoon tea. They are typically elegantly presented in a classic 3 tier stand. Think of it as an afternoon soiree.

Legend has it that Afternoon Tea was started in England around the mid-1800s when Duchess of Bedford wanted something to munch on between lunch and dinner. Afternoon Tea is in fact also called ‘low tea’ as guests enjoy the delicious bites on low tables with comfy sofas or chairs.

High-tea, on the other hand, is less luxurious and more substantial. It is typically some hearty dishes such as meat or fish, potatoes and beans for the working class at the end of the working day.

High-tea has gone less and less common in modern cities but the tradition of Afternoon Tea has flourished beyond the border of England, especially in former colonies in Asia.  

As the rainy Danish summer is hitting us now, I have decided to hunt for some sweet hygge. Here are 5 afternoon tea spots I have found in Copenhagen:

1. Nimb Bar

The luxury hotel serves weekend afternoon tea with a local twist (375DKK). Expect the English must-haves such as scone with clotted cream and homemade jam, as well as the Danish classic flødebolle, a house-made chocolate puff filled with whipped cream.  

Every first Sunday of the month, you can indulge in their champagne Afternoon Tea Extraordaire (695DKK) with a glass of Dom Pérignon.

Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 København, Denmark

2. A.C Perches Thehandel

Established since 1835, the legendary teashop is the city’s go-to place when it comes to tea, and their English-style tearoom is the hotspot for sweet lovers. Perch’s classic tea stand (250DKK) offers the quintessential afternoon tea experience. Go back in time as you lounge at Perch’s beautifully adorned tea lounge, sip tea and enjoy a hygge moment, whilst the hustle and bustle of the downtown is locked behind its doors.

Kronprinsensgade 5, 1114 København, Denmark

3. Dronning Louise’s Tehus

‘Queen Louise’s Teahouse’ is a former guest house for the Bernstorff Castle where Christian IX and his wife, Queen Louise, spend their summer with kids and hosts tea parties. Sip tea like a royal in their beautiful rose garden, or in their historical tearoom when it gets rainy and cold. The classic afternoon tea costs 245DKK per person. Located near Jægersborg, Dronning Louise’s Tehus is around 25 minutes from the city center by train.

Slotshaven 12

4. Maude’s salon

The spacious corner cafe has been a popular neighborhood breakfast spot. Less known is their traditional British Afternoon Tea (200DKK with juice, or 250DKK with cava). The vibe there is Frederiksberg casual – meaning Nordic chic with a tiny tiny dash of posh (Jante’s Law won’t allow too much luxury) but truly hyggelig.

Gl. Kongevej 164, 1850 Frederiksberg, Denmark

5. Peter Beier Chokolade

The local chocolate hero has several cafes in town, all serving classic afternoon with a special highlight on its signature chocolate creations. We recommend the newest one in the brand new Axel Towers for the most comfort, thanks to its more spacious seating and natural daylight owning to the café’s large windows.

Vesterbrogade 2V, 1550 København V, Denmark

When the ‘green winter’ hits, keep calm and drink tea!