Osteria 16 Pesce

For a very long time, we have been surprised that Denmark doesn’t have a lot of good seafood restaurants, after all it is surrounded by the ocean.

Recently, we have been seeing quality seafood restaurants popping up here and there. Osteria 16 Pesce is one of them.

Photo courtesy of Osteria 16

The antipasti restaurant with a focus on fish is no stranger to the foodies in Copenhagen. Taking over the space of Pizzeria 54, the seafood joint is run by the same Italian gang behind the popular Spaghettia and Osteria 16.

There, you can enjoy 6 antipasti at the price of 300kr, sampling a range of simple, yet delightful bites such as bacalao toast, ceviche and other seafresh, down with a selection of Italian wine.

Photo courtesy of Osteria 16

The dinner we tried was well paced, and the waiting staff were very friendly. On a dinner day, you can dine alfresco and people-watch outside the restaurant facing the green lane at Sønder Boulevard.

Address: Sønder Boulevard 54, 1720 Vesterbro, Copenhagen Denmark.


Iluka is a fine seafood restaurant helmed by Noma alumni Beau Clugston, who has quickly been titled “King of Sea Urchin” by local media.

Whilst Denmark is surrounded by the sea, you’d be surprised that seafood is not a culinary focus in the country. If you are lucky, you get some good salmon, herring or cod from your local fish truck. That’s it. The lack of cooking tradition and mainstream interests, as reflected in the lack of fresh, easily available seafresh supplies, may explain why there are almost no famous seafood restaurants around town. Iluka nicely fill in the gap.

We tried Iluka on 2 occasions within 1 month. Both times, we went for the tasting menu (around 600kr for 4-5 dishes) featuring a couple of dishes selected by the chef, based on seasonality and at times, customers’ dietary requirement.

Due to Clugston’s fame for his sea urchin, we felt obliged to order the faroese sea urchin & grilled bread (120DKK). It is, like the nordics – crisp and calm. Compared to the Japanese ones, it is not as fatty and sweet. Nonetheless it was an interesting Danish experience, especially for my friends visiting the city.

We were utterly surprised by the mussel soup with peas and milk curd. Without any salt, the soup is a delicate reduction of the mussels. So fresh and naturally sweet whilst smoothly balanced with the silky milk curd.

Next up – the minced mackerel is fatty and nicely complemented by the lemon juice’s acidity. Appetite level went more up.

As the main came, we were equally stunned by the sumptuous, juicy whole sea-beam, topped with an expansive layer of kale and soft herbs. As it entered, the steamy fragrance of herbs made us crave for more and the tender bites did not disappoint. We were so joyfully full at the end.

It was definitely the best dining experience I had this year.

Therefore, rather quickly, I booked another dinner in Iluka – as I simply couldn’t wait to try again. However, things were on a rather salty for almost all dishes this time. In fact, after just 1 sip, I could no longer take the same mussel soup I once enjoyed so much. Moreover, there seemed to be some problem with the ventilation. So on that particular evening, the dining room was rather smoky. It was truly a shame – if not for its inconsistency, Iluka could readily be our top restaurants and I would even imagine it winning Michelin stars.


Address: Peder Skrams Gade 15, 1054 Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: 30 30 95 89

Menu is available here.

Viben Fiskehus

Viben Fiskehus is one of the oldest fish shops in Copenhagen. With a recent revamp, the place has transformed into a modern, open fish bar, serving fish & chips, lobster rolls, calamari and fried tiger prawns alongside some sides and dips.

The establishment is located on Værnedamsvej, “The French Street” in the vibrant junction of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro. Perfect for chilling out alfresco and people watching over some refreshing bites.

Of course, you can still buy some fish and seafood fresh from the sea daily.

Address: Værnedamsvej 1, 1819 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: +45 33 31 74 34


Tucked at a corner close to the famous assistant kirkegården, Hooked is a new seafood kitchen in the trendy Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

The new restaurant is a success story of the original food truck ‘lab’ testing the market for artisan seafood comfort foods – lobster rolls, fish & chips, salmon burgers, shrimp burritos and more.

All delicious bites are made-to-order, promising the freshest experience. Wash down the fries, onion rings and gourmet dips with their own labelled beer, produced by Hancock.

Are you hooked?

Address: Nørrebrogade 59, 2200 Nørrebro, København, Danmark

Telephone: +45 30 70 59 22



Toto is a new restaurant and wine bar specialising in Mediterranean cuisine. Located in Amager, the neighbourhood restaurant is great for authentic dining with Danish residents.

For locals, Toto is not a total stranger as the dining space is helmed by the guys behind the popular cocktail bar Salon 39 in Frederiksberg.

On the menus are a sizeable selection of cheese, cured meat and small bites, a simple main course section with sea-fresh selections, meats, and home-made pastas, and an impressive wine selection of natural, biodynamic and traditional wines from the old and new worlds.

The restaurant might give you a strong reason to visit the side of Copenhagen less traveled.

Address: Amagerbrogade 145, København, Danmark

Website: http://totovinbar.dk/

Telephone: +45 3048 3622