Polly Restaurant

Located on the vibrant Gammel Kongevej, Polly is a down-to-earth modern bistro serving simple yet flavorful, seasonal fares.


The cozy restaurant has a simple menu, with a range of classic plates to share – croquettes, ceviche, lemon sole, steak au poivre, and fresh greens and fries.


For an sumptuous evening, try their 7-serving tasting menu (395DKK) featuring a host of classics and seasonal creations



Telephone: +45 38 41 41 37


Himmeriget, “Kingdom of Heaven”, is a small craft beer bar on Åboulevard, Frederiksberg.

The small and simple bar has quickly made its name in the local craft beer scene since its opening last year, and has been featured in international medias including The New York Times and Financial Times, thanks to its extensive rare beer collection in cans and bottles, as well as their geeky tap allowing you to choose the beer temperature and foam mix.

Their décor is simple and atmosphere relaxed, leaving beers take central stage. The place is also frequented by young beer geeks and local hipsters who want to avoid the mainstreams.

Address: Åboulevard 27, 1960 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo courtesy of Himmeriget


Grød is a chain porridge bar in Denmark.

While they offer an international range of savory oatmeal fares styled in the likes of congee, daal or risotto, there is something distinctively Nordic about the concept – you will see that many organic, healthy and local ingredients are being used for their dishes. Many options are gluten free and vegan-friendly.

The outlet décors are also simple, minimalistic and atmosphere casual. Perfect for a quick, wholesome meal.



Address: Jægersborggade 50, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: 50 58 55 79



Address: Hal 2, Stade 8A, Linnésgade 17 1362 Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: 50 59 82 15



Falkoner alle 34, 2000 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

Telephone: 50 58 36 94


Aarhus Central Foodmarket

Address: Skt. Knuds Torv 7-9

Telephone: 81724440

Viben Fiskehus

Viben Fiskehus is one of the oldest fish shops in Copenhagen. With a recent revamp, the place has transformed into a modern, open fish bar, serving fish & chips, lobster rolls, calamari and fried tiger prawns alongside some sides and dips.

The establishment is located on Værnedamsvej, “The French Street” in the vibrant junction of Frederiksberg and Vesterbro. Perfect for chilling out alfresco and people watching over some refreshing bites.

Of course, you can still buy some fish and seafood fresh from the sea daily.

Address: Værnedamsvej 1, 1819 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: +45 33 31 74 34


Jagger has recently opened their third location in Frederiksberg, serving a host of well crafted fast foods including burgers, hot dogs, fried chickens and hot wings, milkshakes, frozen daiquiris and more.

Jagger is run by Rasmus Oubæk, former Michelin chef who is also known as “béarnaisekongen”, the king of Béarnaise sauce.

For a complete, finger-licking good experience, don’t forget to dip into some Jagger Béarnaise with your delish fries.


Istedgade 62, Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Falkoner Alle 84, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amagerbrogade 128, Amager,Copenhagen, Denmark