Italo Disco

This small trattoria tucked on a quieter street in Vesterbro is almost always packed every day. With little marketing (a very minimal website & not-so-updated facebook page), the low-key restaurant seems to be doing very well purely through word-of-mouth marketing and with support from loyal customers.

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It was of no exception on the day of our visit. The charming joint was crowded, with a cheerful vibe. Some of the staff seemed to be familiar with many of their patrons, adding a subtle, warm, Mediterranean flair to the place – it was as if there were some passionate “ciaos” and kisses in the air.

Once seated, we were introduced how the menu worked. An array of antipasti dishes would come in fast speedy; and we would also be served 2 types of homemade “primi” and a dessert. If you have any special dietary preferences, please feel free to let them know in advance and they would tailor something for you.

Olive oil and fresh bread promised us a very good start, and the buffalo mozzarella with grilled eggplants was simple and yet beautiful. Our favorite was the grilled octopus cooked to perfection, and made even more flavorful with fresh smashed tomato seeds, basil and lemon zest. A bit on the salty side, the whipped bacalhau spread was smooth and interesting, building up our appetite. After a fresh salad and some more satisfying crostini slides, we were quite full already.

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The pace slowed down as our friendly waiter took away the many plates from our table; and asked us how we enjoyed the food. With a leisurely break, a delightful risotto with zucchini was served, followed by a hearty pasta cooked al dente with minced meat in a light tomato sauce. While we liked both dishes’ tastes and layered texture, we felt like they were once again too salty to our taste. This could have to do with the fact that quite often stronger seasonings would be needed for late diners, especially for those who are consuming wine. Unfortunately, on this occasion we went easy on our alcohol consumption, thus finding the main courses slightly over salted.

Dessert was a simple profiterole served with peach and chocolate sauce. It is not too heavy and is a perfect end to nice long meal.

Overall, while the experiencing is not entirely surprising, it is enjoyable with good quality food, an energizing vibe and friendly staff. It is worth a try, especially if you are hunting for a new experience in a lesser-known hotspot in town.

Address: Oehlenschlægersgade 5, 1663 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Telephone: 28 58 16 63

Price: 375kr for 5 antipasti, 2 primi & 1 dessert.