P Eatery

P Eatery is a sophisticated gastronomic bistro of the recently redesigned luxury hotel Skt Petri. Located right in the city center, overlooking The Copenhagen University, the ground floor restaurant is home to a Scandinavian interior, where the expansive restaurant space is lined with a simplistic concept with lavish details – marble tables, leather chairs, dark wood elements, whilst floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural day light to brighten up the otherwise rather uninviting space.

Despite its prime location and rather approachable pricing for its standard, we are not surprised that the restaurant is often half filled, only. Although its website says they ‘cook with no pretensions … No muss, no fuss’, its relatively glamorous layout and standard high-end hotel grade service can be considered as quite intimidating for locals.

Menu is Nordic with a Mediterranean twist, and is split according to size with petit, medium and main dishes. There is also a choice of a 4-course tasting menu at 450DKK (or 350DKK for vegetarians). We have tried the 4-course tasting menu and a la carte at several occasions and the experience varied from wow to ummm (disappointment partly due to high expectation thanks to previous charms).

Overall, it is a good place for a special night out. Enjoy the attentive, 5 star dining experience without burning the wallet.


P Eatery

Address: Krystalgade 24, 1172 Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: 00 45 33 45 98 90

Restaurant Wilhelm

Located in the old city, Wilhelm is a sophisticated dining restaurant focusing on game and local ingredients. The food seems to be Italian inspired with a Nordic twist – wild, sustainable meat and fish, distinguished and yet calming. The no-nonsense staff are some of the most friendliest in town. They are attentive and while serving, they won’t give you some of those robotic description of each choice (which we sadly have experienced in some of the Michelin establishment in the city).

On a windy, rainy late winter evening, we stepped into this calm little Viking house, seemingly resembling a modern hunter’s joint. Decor is simple, like most contemporary Danish fine-dining restaurants. Yet with deer horn, pheasant and game displays, alongside wood elements and plants, the place is warm and welcoming. Taking central stage is the open kitchen where you see all the actions. Chefs and waiting staff all take turns in welcoming their guests to their home.

This is the menu we experienced and it warmed our heart:


  • Lumpfish roe, smoked lumpfish, cauliflower, almond, chive  oil & herbs
  • Reindeer, jerusalem artichoke, daikon, horseradish, ajipon & ramson
  • Ravioli, pheasant, ricotta & cabbage
  • Wildboar, celeriac, eggyolk, winter truffle & watercress

The starter, a delightful cauliflower puree was rich in taste and complemented the seafresh very well. However, the Reindeer was slightly on the light side and was not particularly memorable. Yet the jerusalem artichoke was very fresh and distinctive. We found the ricotta overshadowing the taste of pheasant a little in the pasta course, but overall it was an enjoyable dish. The main star, the wildboar, was absolutely stunning and made the night. We could come back just for this before the season ends. Are you game?



Address: Nikolajgade 18, 1068 København K, Denmark

Telephone: +45 53 85 02 81

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 17.30 – 24.00

Wok On

Wok On serves budget wok-fried noodles from 45kr only. You can choose your choice of noodle, toppings and sauce.

While the ingredients and styles seem Asian, with the likes of teriyaki, curry, sweet & sour flavours, we would say the concept is more Asian-inspired than authentic. Quite often, your noodles are heavily seasoned with thick sauces, and you would find a piece of lime unmatchingly put on your Japanese udon in coconut curry sauce.

That said, the experience is in fact rather Nordic. Wok On, together with other chains such as Nordic Noodles, collectively create a Danish (re)interpretation of Asia boxes which is in itself an American cultural export. It is still interesting to see how the Danes have appropriated other (Asian/American) culinary ideas. And 45kr wok box is a good alternative to 7-11 hotdogs while you are hungry & on a budget.

Address: Gothersgade 15, 1123 Copenhagen K, Denmark


Resembling a green house, Väkst is Cofoco’s latest restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen, offering a gastronomic experience with an informal vibe.

Their menu changes monthly, featuring organic Nordic vegetables and sustainable fish and meats.

For a tasting experience, a 3-course vegetarian menu costs 275kr and won’t hurt your wallet. To indulge, enjoy an evening menu at 595kr with aperitif, multiple signature courses and wine tasting.

We recommend the ground floor for more natural daylight in the summer, whilst its basement is warm and offers a sense of ‘hygge’ in the winter.

Address: St. Peders Stræde 34, 1453 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Telephone:  +45 3841 2727


Photo courtesy of Väkst


KOST & MASK located on the top floor of the famous Royal Opera House is an elegance space offering guests an inspiring culinary performance before they enjoy the theater spectacle on stage.

A feast for the eyes, ears and stomach, the fixed 5-course menu served at one time daily at KOST & MASK costs 325kr.

KOST & MASK is run by the Meyer’s Group with a focus on food sustainability and quality.

Address: Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Telephone: +45 41 53 20 91


Barr is Noma’s new bar and restaurant specializing in beer and classic Nordic dishes with a modern twist.

Occupying the former space of “The World’s Best Restaurant”, Barr by the waterfront shall promise a dining experience with a view.

It’d be really cool if the space gets more opened up, allowing us to chill alfresco. (Maybe something like Papirøen, Copenhagen Street Food Market Hall?)

Barr is yet to open on 5 July 2017 and they are taking reservations here already. We look forward to testing it out.

Address: Strandgade 93, Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: +45 32963293


Cofoco is the very first outlet of the successful dining group taking the namesake. Established since 2004, it can be said that Cofoco hopped on the New-Nordic hype, earning fame and success through its good-value menus featuring Danish produces with a Southern European twist. As of today, they over 15 dining outlets across the country, as well as several take-away outlets, a catering division, a consulting venture and more food-related projects.

Located in the heart of Vesterbro’s vibrant corner (opposite to Mikkeller, and close to the Meatpacking District Kødbyen), Cofoco welcomes you with a clean, simple Nordic design and decor. Service here is simple, unfussy, whilst staff are knowledge about their dishes and wine-pairing options.

Enjoy a sumptuous 4-course menu at around DKK275 only – a perfect introduction to contemporary Danish cuisine highlight these keywords: sustainability, hygge and fusion. Danish cuisine’s commitment to using locally-grown and organic ingredients is fairly well-known, thanks to big names such as Noma and Geranium. If you have lived in Scandinavia long enough, hygge, meaning coziness, won’t be unfamiliar to you. As for fusion, or internationalisation, that is something quite new and normally unaware of. If you have been to Denmark 10 years ago, a medium-priced dine-out experience is usually rather unsurprising – meatball, potatoes and smorrebrod – that’s it. Over the past 10 years, a host of good quality restaurants boomed up, borrowing inspirations from their neightbors, and I believe cofoco was one of the trendsetters.

For instance, we have the churros with cheese and onion powder, a hearty snack paired with 2 glasses of bubbles at DKK100 only. It is a creative take on the southern European snack.

Moving on to the appetiser, the Hand-peeled Swedish Shrimps is a delightful starter that cheers up the mood and the palates. I’d say this is a very typical Danish dish with local ingredients. Fresh shrimp is well paired with the quintessentially nordic dill mayonaise, whilst the potato chips add a layer of crunchiness to the dish.

The Mussel Soup with Greek Yogurt and Pickled Gooseberries is a much-needed heart-warming treat during the Danish summer that can be sometimes too chilly and rainy, which is the case today. And yet, the fresh gooseberries reminds one of the sweet takes of the colorful season. A bit too heavy on the salt though.

Cofoco in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Main course

The main course a pan-fried Mullet with Lettuce, Peas and Lovage Spread. Another refreshing, herbal and substantial course that is representative of the season’s best flavors.

Cofoco restaurant in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Finally the Cherry Sorbet with Buttermilk Mousse, Fresh cherry Crumble and Raw Liquorice was the perfect way to end the meal.

Cofoco changes their menu regularly; and the place is always full. Make sure you book a table.

Address: Abel Cathrines Gade 7, 1654 Copenhage, Denmark

Telephone: +45 33 13 60 60


Søren K

Named after the great Danish philosopher, Søren K offers a quintessentially contemporary Danish gourmet experience, promising a fine-dining culinary journey with gorgeous harbour views.

The elegant restaurant has a simple New Nordic menu with each course costing around 120krs. Think local farms, sustainably sourced seafoods and eco-friendly meats. Beautifully presented, the food in Søren K tastes as good as they look.

Located right on the waterfront at the entrance to the architecturally stunning Royal Danish Library, which is also nicknamed “The Black Diamond” by the Danes, we expect Søren K to be quite popular among tourists and locals celebrating a special occasion.

The restaurant is Meyer’s latest addition.

Address: Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 København K, Danmark

Telephone: +45 33 47 49 49