You haven’t been to Denmark if you haven’t tried its famed open-sandwiches, smørrebord, and restaurant Palægade serves some of the best in town.

Manned by the same folks behind the Michelin starred Formel B, you can count on having some delightful fares made with fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

The classic restaurant used to serve traditional Danish fares with a twist – herrings, salmon, dark rye bread and potato, all beautifully seasoned and presented, and paired with modern snaps. Unfortunately, few days before the corona lockdown in Denmark, the restaurant suffered from a terrible fire and they were forced to close, indefinitely (although we hear that there is a possibility of re-opening in Nov 2020).

However, for now, they still have the harborside ‘street kitchen‘ across the bridge from the iconic Nyhavn, which is a perfect for enjoying the summer.




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