P Eatery

P Eatery is a sophisticated gastronomic bistro of the recently redesigned luxury hotel Skt Petri. Located right in the city center, overlooking The Copenhagen University, the ground floor restaurant is home to a Scandinavian interior, where the expansive restaurant space is lined with a simplistic concept with lavish details – marble tables, leather chairs, dark wood elements, whilst floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural day light to brighten up the otherwise rather uninviting space.

Despite its prime location and rather approachable pricing for its standard, we are not surprised that the restaurant is often half filled, only. Although its website says they ‘cook with no pretensions … No muss, no fuss’, its relatively glamorous layout and standard high-end hotel grade service can be considered as quite intimidating for locals.

Menu is Nordic with a Mediterranean twist, and is split according to size with petit, medium and main dishes. There is also a choice of a 4-course tasting menu at 450DKK (or 350DKK for vegetarians). We have tried the 4-course tasting menu and a la carte at several occasions and the experience varied from wow to ummm (disappointment partly due to high expectation thanks to previous charms).

Overall, it is a good place for a special night out. Enjoy the attentive, 5 star dining experience without burning the wallet.


P Eatery

Address: Krystalgade 24, 1172 Copenhagen, Denmark

Telephone: 00 45 33 45 98 90

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