Beviamo Winebar is located in Østerbro, Denmark


Located on one of the most vibrant streets in Østerbro, Beviamo is a new wine bar that has quickly gained popularity among the locals, thanks to its energetic vibes, friendly staff and a wide selection of Italian treasures.

At Beviamo, you won’t find a wine list, instead, wines are divided into 3 price groups. You tell the staff what kind of taste you like (dry, sweet, full-body etc), and they will bring you a selection to taste until you settle on the one you like. Sounds familiar? It is because Beviamo is a sister venture of the equally popular Nebbiolo near Nyhavn.

Their simple food menu changes daily – choose between 3 types of antipasti (50Kr each) and a Dish of The Day (125Kr).

As the hotspot is still fairly new, there seem to be things to be ironed out – on the day of our visit (on a Tuesday night), their new staff seemed a little confused, yet extremely friendly. And they ran out of Dish of The Day early. But they were quick to say sorry by offering larger food and wine potions. This may seem normal to most international diners. But trust us, this type of hospitality is not common in Denmark.

Brightly lit with natural daylight, Beviamo also has a large alfresco area. Thus, the place feels more casual and airy than Nebbiolo and many other wine bars in town, perfect for chitchatting with friends on a nice summer day over some wines and nibbles.

Address: Nordre Frihavnsgade 58, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.

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