Kalasat Brunch Copenhagen


Located next to the Nørreport station in downtown Copenhagen, Kalaset is a popular corner café for tourists residing in nearby hotels and hostels, as well as locals craving for some homey vibes and foods.

The corner café “prepares and services food the way their grandmothers taught them” and its décor also translates that. The atmosphere is retro and homey, with vintage radio, 60/70s TV and vinyl players hung on the red-painted wall; alongside a couple of black and white photos. Candle lights are almost always lit, promising a “hygge” time.

Their menu looks like a children’s book and some of the items will also unlash your inner child’s cravings. Who doesn’t like a piece of cake and a warm chocolate on a Danish rainy day; or some homemade pancakes to sweeten your morning at granny’s place?

Kalasat Pandekager København Danmark
Kalasat Pancakes, Copenhagen, Danmark

The place is extremely popular for its brunch. As they don’t take reservations, there is always a line on weekend morning to afternoon. Mormor’s (meaning mother’s mother in Danish) brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages, cheese and greens, skyr with musli and rye bread is the quintessential comfort brunch in contemporary Nordic style. Green lovers will be thrilled to know 4 out of the 6 brunch sets are vegetarian, 2 of which are vegan. They also make some delicious sandwiches and burgers.

From day to night, Kalaset transits from an energizing hotspot to a relaxing den, with hipsters sipping a variety of beers on tap. You can even pre-pay for your friend’s next visit, and write the token on its blackboard. No wonder the kiddos keep visiting grandma’s place.

Address: Vendersgade 16, 1363 København K, Danmark

Telephone: 33 33 00 35

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